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In each issue, we publish articles under certain types/ sections. The types of articles we publish are as follows:

Beside the regular types of articles we also sometimes publish articles under categories like Invited Articles (See below for details of each type), Proceedings/ Declaration of Conferences/ Congress, Updates, Supplements, etc. The types are determined by the title, aim(s) and objective(s), and most importantly the content of the manuscript. We also require that the author clearly specify the type of article s/he is submitting. However, the final decision under which category the article is published rests on the decision of the editorial board. In such case, the author will be duly informed regarding the decision. The author will have the right to withdraw the article if s/he chooses, but must do so within the specified time.

The paper should provide all the list or references and financial support. Plagiarism and fraudulent data are not entertained and the paper once submitted to Nepalese Heart Journal is forbidden to publish in other journals.