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The decision of the editor will be final for modification or rejection. However, the author may withdraw his/her manuscript prior to publication when given a chance by the editor (e.g. after modification).

If the authorship of a paper is changed in any way after it has been reviewed, the Editor will require a letter, signed by all authors named on the original or on the revised submission, explicitly agreeing to the change.

Additional prints/ republication/ translation.
As NHJ is an Open Access Journal and we post all the articles published in the web in PDF format, the author may print additional copies.

For republication of the article in another journal, the author must seek prior permission from NHJ, clearly stating the purpose and request for permission to print again.

For translation of the article and publication in another language (in another journal), the author must seek prior permission from NHJ along with the purpose and request for permission to print again. Both the above mentioned points require to be compliant with ICMJE guidelines for reprints and translation.

The submitted manuscript should actually represent the scientific work done and the data should not be manipulated for whatsoever purpose.

Any irregularities, misinformation, or manipulation of the data tending to skew the conclusion towards the side that does not represent the actual finding, if found, can result in the manuscript to be rejected or retracted (if already published). NHJ may proceed with legal actions if needed in appropriate cases.

If authors of a published article subsequently become aware of a significant error in it, they should send a notifying letter to the editor of NHJ as soon as possible. If the mistake is judged significant enough to warrant a published correction, the correction will be made as an “erratum” if the fault is NHJ; “correction” if the fault is the author’s.