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The editorial board of NHJ makes recommendations on all editorial policy decisions. The executive committee of CSN appoints the editor-in-chief every two yearsand he/she can be appointed for two terms.  The editor-in-chief is responsible for forming the editorial board, along with the international advisory editorial board, based on the contribution to the society and cardiovascular research. The board should be geographically diverse, not from the same institution and consists of at least one female member. The editorial board is finalized only after the executive committee approval. National advisory editorial board consists of past editor-in-chiefs.
The editorial board is responsible for regular meets and determine the editorial position of the unsigned editorial and to assign the writing of that editorial. Regardless of who writes the editorial, responsibility for content remains with the editorial board and the editor-in-chief. Editorials, whether written by the editor-in-chief or another member of the editorial board, must be based on adequate research to demonstrate an accurate understanding of the issue.

The editor-in-chief has responsibility to implement any policy decisions reached by the editorial board. When determining policy the board should keep in mind the focus and scope of the NHJ. When the editorial board cannot resolve questions of policy or affect the entire society, the Cardiac Society of Nepal may be asked to address the issue.