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Serious misconduct might require that the employers of the accused be notified. The editor, in consultation with the publisher or Society as appropriate, should make the decision whether or not to involve the employers, either by examining the available evidence themselves or by further consultation with a limited number of experts.

Outcomes (in increasing order of severity; may be applied separately or in conjunction)

  1. Informing or educating the author or reviewer where there appears to be a misunderstanding or misapplication of acceptable standards.
  2. A more strongly worded letter to the author or reviewer covering the misconduct and as a warning to future behavior.
  3. Publication of a formal notice detailing the misconduct.
  4. Publication of an editorial detailing the misconduct.
  5. A formal letter to the head of the author’s or reviewer’s department or funding agency.
  6. Formal retraction or withdrawal of a publication from the journal, in conjunction with informing the head of the author or reviewer’s department, Abstracting & Indexing services and the readership of the publication.
  7. Imposition of a formal embargo on contributions from an individual for a defined period.
  8. Reporting the case and outcome to a professional organization or higher authority for further investigation and action.